Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas to you all!

I woke up in the middle of the night to a soothing sound; the sound of torrent waters; the sound of an ancient creek rushing through our very back yard, over my ears behind our bedroom window...

In and out of sleep I heard the sound, until all of a sudden the stanza of the music changed, and I heard the mystical sound of fairy bells... soothing; in sporadic beats... 

Until finally I realized that what I was hearing was just the sound of rain...

Water running down the roof, and down the gutters and onto the cobble stones in the old rose garden...

How wonderful the sound of rain at night, how relaxing and comforting it was—and it felt, and I went back to sleep without a care in the world....

I'm all done wrapping up presents and they're now under the Christmas tree awaiting their own share of joy through hasty hands and hearts aglow with  thanksgivings and love and comradeship.  

And me too—my heart is aglow with gratitude, and humbleness and a profound admiration to the God-man Creator and Sustainer of everything who once many enchanted moons ago left His heavenly home to share His life with me down on this earth... are your hearts beaming with thankfulness too?      

I made a whole turkey for our Thanksgivings Day dinner, but for our Christmas get-together dinner I've decided we should have a turkey breast instead... I don't like all that yucky-bones-mess of the leftovers, and usually end up throwing away whatever is left of the turkey and feeling bad about it.  A turkey breast is tastier, easier to cut, and the presentation is always pretty cut in slices with its gravy sauce... plus less of a mess.  I like that.  What are you making for your Christmas dinner this year?  

All I want for Christmas this year is a Selina Lake book; the "Pretty Pastel Style: Decorating Interiors With Pastel Shades", or her "Home-Spun Style" book.  I own a couple of her books and can never seem to get tired of them—particularly the Bazaar Style and Romantic Style.   Ohhhhh and I so want a kitty too!  The other day my husband and I went to check on a house that's up for sale over the hills and there I found the sweetest little black kitty on the premises of the house.  He followed me everywhere I went and walked between my legs and directly next to me just like a doggy pet would do... I so wanted to adopt him.  I truly believed he was left behind by the owners of the house, but my husband said that it probably belonged to the next door neighbors and insisted that I should drop the idea immediately... haha!  Have you ever stolen a cat?  I'd had never done that, of course.  But what if he was truly abandoned?  

May you all be filled with the purest of light 
and love and peace during this Christmas season.  
And remember, "he who has not Christmas in his heart 
will never find it under a tree".



  1. Lovely sounds. I feel the same with the sounds of rain, better even when Thunder makes his appearance. I love your vignettes especially the Madonna and Child photos. Have a blessed and magical Merry Christmas Cielo and I am glad now that you are settled and happy and content with your move :-)

  2. Merry Christmas to you Cielo, and may you get the desires of your heart for Christmas!

    1. Same to you my friend.... the new desires of my heart--humbleness and a heart more like Jesus...

      Merry Christmas


  3. Joyeux Noel. Your photos are so lovely of the peachy baubles and rosey china. I do drink deeply of the sound of rain and O how I am thankful for God's love for not just me but the whole world! I hope you get a kitty :).

    1. Oh me too... I'm thankful for God's love for the whole word, but I'm happy believing He's a personal God; one who enters into personal relationships with individuals.... So yeah, He left His heavenly home to share His life with me down on this earth...




  4. AND...I am cooking a roast and baked potatoes for (me) those of us whom do not eat meat. Fresh leafy salad from our garden too!

  5. Dear Cielo,

    Eve was truly a diabolical woman. She was perfect. She talked to the Creator in the breezy part of the day. She knew what God Almighty expected of her. She listened to a "snake". She ruined her life and all that would come from her womb. Therefore I change my name to "Kristi". In Norway it means, "Little follower of the Lord". From now on I will talk to you by my name!

    Sincerely, Kristi

  6. Oh, how beautiful! How very sweet and lovely and magical! Love all your world of beauty. Merry Christmas, dear Cielo! And to all your family.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Hope you find a home and kitty soon. Merry Christmas to you.

    I made a ham dinner for Christmas Eve with my daughter and her family. Christmas Day my brother and some of his family came over and we combined leftovers from their home and ours. We spent the afternoon playing games. It was such a relaxed fun day. I'm like you about all those turkey bone bits.

  8. I couldn't seem to find your email address. Just wanted you to know that today you have been featured at my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday series. You should be receiving visitors shortly. Welcome to our neighborhood!

  9. Hi Cielo! I'm playing catch-up as one does after the hurry and happiness of Christmas. You know the little floral tin box that holds pearls and other jewelry in your photos? I have one that is nearly identical that I've had since I was a child. The rim of its top has a blue background and the centered little pictures on the sides of mine are landscape scenes. How about that?!

    Hope you and your family had a happy Christmas in your new home.

    Did you go back for the little black kitten?