Wednesday, March 19, 2014


My 86 year old next door neighbor, Fred, is so cute. He’s a widowed who lives alone in an enormous house with only himself and the woods which stretch behind our homes.  Fred’s house is hidden from ours by all the dense shrubbery and trees.  Thus, unless I go there to say hi to Fred and check on him from time to time, I never get to see his house from ours. But the other morning Fred was having a landscaping company pruned some of the trees and pines around his house.  It was magical late that night when I looked into the darkness outside our sunroom and magically discovered Fred’s house among the trees, sweetly illuminated. Like a fairytale house out of the shadows.

That’s what got me inspired to write our little story on my previous post at the beginning.  But then, as you wrote on, everything changed, and I got this crazy idea… oh, poor Fred, I hope he’ll never discover that my sweet intentions were to change him into a werewolf…  hehehe!  You know, something like the Twilight novel series!

Thank you to all who participated in "Fantasy Friday"... I had tons of fun reading your stories and following the trails where your own imagination took me… fun stuff!

 Again, if you like continue the story, please oh please do so. Any more ideas? Anyone?

Anyhow… I’d love to change my dinning room table and chairs for something more modern, to match the rest of the d├ęcor I’ve chosen for my house these days…

Neutrals... I love neutrals. 
They're so soothing

But since buying a new dinning set is not a possibility for now, I decided I can at least change the sit covers… This is what my chairs look like... It doesn't match with all the white and black me thinks.
But what fabric would I chose? I think that a patterned fabric in mustard color will look awesome with all the black and white…  

But then again, I am against any color that it ain’t neutral these days…

This is a table runner… but how about something like this?  
Nay, too many patterns to pair down
Too busy looking.

So I finally found something I like… 
Fabric with some pattern to it, yet not too demanding.  

I have some roses on my table right now...

Rose branches... love!
It reminds me so much of my lovely garden
back at the house in the roses...

Out in the woods the other day I found a little gypsy tent overflowing with colors and fabrics… curiously, I felt right at home there and didn’t mind in the least bit the cheerful hodgepodge of pieces and colors… a bold and vibrant free-spirited look, much like the ‘other’ me.  It put me in the mood for magic, luxury and conjuring up images of mystical experiences…  I took lots of pictures and will be back soon to show you…

Hope you have a lovely day! 
Still rainy and cold around here.






  1. Your dining area looks charming and the roses are arranged beautifully. How magical to see your neighbor's home glowing gently in the night.

  2. Hi Cielo,

    This is so beautifully done.... I love neutral colors too :)

  3. I love the combination of straight and curvy... Lovely bold neutrality... Your home has its heart in your fashionable eyes. So pretty everywhere. I will love the gypsy tent!

  4. Cielo, I love, love, love the new chair covers!

    1. Thank you.... 4 more chairs to go ;)


  5. Love, Love, Love your chairs! Now you have to come do a couple of mine! I want to leave the four white leather dining chairs but change the other four cloth white chairs into something different. You did such a good job. Keep an eye on some fabrics for me :)! Love you!

  6. Hi girlie... let's work on your white chairs! ;) Love you too!

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