Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A new chapter...

It is official—we're the happy owners of the little white cottage in the woods!!
I am finally ready to open the door to future and start a new chapter in my life.
Yes, dreams do come true! And I do believe this with all my heart.

    I only hope that the fairies are leaving enough fairy dust behind

for you to follow where we’re going…
See you there!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gypsy Days

Have you ever met someone for the first time and in your heart
you feel as if you’ve known that person long before?
Somewhere. Some how?
I know. It happens often around here, doesn’t it?
  Ah yes, I think I know her, or seen her before…
The little gypsy girl...

She lived in the Forest, camping in various parts
She loves to wander in the woods
under the crisp beautiful early spring morning sky.  

She’s from the Gypsy tribe by the river. 
She pass through a forest of beech trees with
beautiful spring flowers and mellow light,
and stops to enjoy the beauty of the moment.  

Her hair is braided, the style traditional for Gypsy women;
pink roses braided in to protect her from curses.   
The gypsy girl has set up her gypsy tent in the forest…
An aura of mystery surrounds its interior,
made of colorful draped fabric that hides the rooms…
She hangs thick, colorful curtains
and gather them off to either side of her sleeping quarters
 in several swooping loops.

Come see!

Fabrics and colors help represent wild, colorful lives of her gypsy heritage…

Roses and pretty candle holders for a dreamy mood...
 and battery operated candles for extra precautions,
of course...  


In her little kitchen the gypsy girl cuts onions,
 chops garlic, peels potatoes and carrots...

and prepares a succulent gypsy soup…
Rich, spicy, and full of flavor.
Our dinner table...
Lush colors, rich textures
Books a plenty too!
Every day the little gypsy girl begins her day by searching for promises in the sky
and finding out what secrets lay inside the Ancient Book... 

A gypsy peers through her crystal ball to read the future, but the little gypsy girl sets her own rules… she has the Ancient Book.... to see the future and use it for revelations and discoveries..
As a keeper of the ancient knowledge she knows what to do…  she studies the Book to discover the world of living energy and how to live in harmony with each other… she watches the season’s changes, she looks at the sky, and gaze, and wait...  
Thank you all for being here.  For being my friends and soul sisters.
Don't forget to open your mind...
it's beautiful inside!

Ps:  now, let's go back to our little story one post down...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fantasy Friday - PART II

This is so exciting… I so totally love how our story is coming along… intrigue, mystery; even love shinning through so many twists and turns… can you not see it? And where to would the black bird be guiding them? Is the mysterious Frederic really a werewolf? Oh I’m so loving our little story! I love it so much I decided to bring it up again. Maybe our enthusiasm will motivate others to join in? Oh please pretty please do write on!

And So The Story Goes...

  As Julia Mead quietly vacuum her sun-drenched dinning room, her mind began to wander…

She can still remember the day when Robert and her had met. How young and naïve they were then, and how much in love with each other from that day on… but life had not prepared Julia for the disappointments and unhappy affair ahead of her... and how does one finds love again when you know it has hurt you so much? Love can be so mysterious. One time it gives you so much joy and ecstasy. The next thing you know, love forgets your face and forgets your name and it leaves you bruised and hurt… and what’s worse, you’re back to square one in finding love again.
As Julia continued vacuum her dinning room; hair flying freely over shoulders and face, she suddenly turned her head towards the garden, and looked across the hedge of Endless Summer Hydrangea that served as a live fence between her home and her next door neighbor's...
As Julia absentmindedly gazed over her lovely hydrangeas, her eyes suddenly met the forlorn figure of her neighbor, Frederic Minton; a handsome and mystifying man, quietly observing the shadows that seem to melt under the sunshine across the woods from his terrace.
Julia studied the strong masculine features of the man, the dark hair and Italianesque look, comfortable and polished, and suddenly realized how shadowy and beautiful he was. Why hadn’t she noticed him before?  Really noticed him?  And who was really Mr. Frederic Minton?  All the years Julia lived there she had never spoken to him and only knew him for the loner he seemed to be; a quiet and enigmatic type of a men who lived alone and seemed to have lost something terribly important in the woods which spread across their homes like a dark shroud.  Perhaps love?
Robert... she missed him terribly, and yet…

Finding one last comfort in the rhythm of her hand as she vacuumed, Julia suddenly knew what she had to do. She quickly took off her apron and headed out the back door… 

  To be continued...

What was Julia going to do?  Is she going to find Robert?  Forgive him?  Ask him to come back?  What is her story?
Please write on! Add a word, a sentence, a smile or a paragraph in the comment box below. After someone goes first, we can each add to what they wrote and to the story comment by comment. 

The rules is that you continue the story where the next person stop.

It's a beautiful Friday...

*pls continue *
Let's have fun!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


My 86 year old next door neighbor, Fred, is so cute. He’s a widowed who lives alone in an enormous house with only himself and the woods which stretch behind our homes.  Fred’s house is hidden from ours by all the dense shrubbery and trees.  Thus, unless I go there to say hi to Fred and check on him from time to time, I never get to see his house from ours. But the other morning Fred was having a landscaping company pruned some of the trees and pines around his house.  It was magical late that night when I looked into the darkness outside our sunroom and magically discovered Fred’s house among the trees, sweetly illuminated. Like a fairytale house out of the shadows.

That’s what got me inspired to write our little story on my previous post at the beginning.  But then, as you wrote on, everything changed, and I got this crazy idea… oh, poor Fred, I hope he’ll never discover that my sweet intentions were to change him into a werewolf…  hehehe!  You know, something like the Twilight novel series!

Thank you to all who participated in "Fantasy Friday"... I had tons of fun reading your stories and following the trails where your own imagination took me… fun stuff!

 Again, if you like continue the story, please oh please do so. Any more ideas? Anyone?

Anyhow… I’d love to change my dinning room table and chairs for something more modern, to match the rest of the décor I’ve chosen for my house these days…

Neutrals... I love neutrals. 
They're so soothing

But since buying a new dinning set is not a possibility for now, I decided I can at least change the sit covers… This is what my chairs look like... It doesn't match with all the white and black me thinks.
But what fabric would I chose? I think that a patterned fabric in mustard color will look awesome with all the black and white…  

But then again, I am against any color that it ain’t neutral these days…

This is a table runner… but how about something like this?  
Nay, too many patterns to pair down
Too busy looking.

So I finally found something I like… 
Fabric with some pattern to it, yet not too demanding.  

I have some roses on my table right now...

Rose branches... love!
It reminds me so much of my lovely garden
back at the house in the roses...

Out in the woods the other day I found a little gypsy tent overflowing with colors and fabrics… curiously, I felt right at home there and didn’t mind in the least bit the cheerful hodgepodge of pieces and colors… a bold and vibrant free-spirited look, much like the ‘other’ me.  It put me in the mood for magic, luxury and conjuring up images of mystical experiences…  I took lots of pictures and will be back soon to show you…

Hope you have a lovely day! 
Still rainy and cold around here.





Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Of roses...

Do you like red roses?
Umm, red roses are not really my favorites, but my husband surprised me with a dozen red roses this past Valentine’s Day.

I kept them in their original water and they lasted forever… really, they lasted for a whole month.  Only last week I removed the stems and kept the dried blooms.  But I will be discarding them soon.


I don’t know why, but I dislike red market roses. Dried red roses don’t appeal to me at all… they almost frighten me. Something about death, and mortality that I don’t like. I don’t feel the same way with any other type of roses. In fact, I find a special beauty and tenderness in dried roses and used to collect and dried all my cut roses back at the house in the roses.  It was hard to part from them and I still treasure some of the blooms and petals I collected and saved when we moved… but red market roses are another story. Do you feel that way too? I know, I must be as square minded as my square dinning table is ;) Oh well!

And then there are other roses…  Can a room have way too many roses in its decor?  Uhh yeah. Tacky I know, but you know how much I love roses... that are no red ;)    
"Home is where your story begins"  I love this quote.  And guess what?  I have yet another story to begin!  Soon, real soon!  The little white cottage in the woods.  Yes!  I'll be sharing more about this soon...  I hope ;)
“Wish it, believe it, and it will be so.”