Sunday, November 10, 2013

Out and about

A wind has blown the crimson leaves.
Like memories of yesterdays
I saw them whirl
Scattering reminiscences of moments in time
I must too...
I am an autumn leave
Blown by furtive winds
I shall open up my arms,
spread them wide
And sing
Sing a song of seasons
And songs of new beginnings...

It's been wonderfully beautiful, and warm, and sunny and autumnal here...
And I've been so wonderfully happy
My soul shivers and words falter
Finding the right words to express the earnest
And humblest feelings of my heart it's almost foolish...
And thus I've been filling up ancient mossy flower pots
with some of my favorite plants—ferns.
In November!
And they can be left outside too!
Why they're at home in the mellow sun.
  This November of lush greens and autumn leaves...
Out in the forest at the back of our home...
Dreaming, singing, walking deep in leaves
There's a wide range of little magical places where to dream and play I may say...
Now, that's my kind of place for my backyard...
And in the house?
The almost emptied house feels lovely as it is...
Clean wooden floors
The echo of our footsteps singing autumnal songs in the autumnal evenings...
Eating ice-cream while watching movies past bedtime...
Like children in summertime...
Cricket songs outside
Love inside.
Ah I cannot be any happier...
And I hope you are too my friends!


  1. You make beautiful pictures.
    Have a nice monday! RW & SK

    1. Thank you! I'm glad they make you happy.


  2. This beautiful post, makes me very happy...

    You have come out on the other side, of a trying time.

    And are seeing all the Joy and Beauty, which await here.

    I'm happy for you!


    1. Dear Tessa... other people’s happiness (OPH) is so important, and you are good at that. It's in you. You always help me relive and savor the best parts of my day. Thank YOU!


  3. I found you! Got you on my sidebar now so I don't miss a post. What part of the country did you move to, Cielo? No more snow? I am glad you are happy- I know it was a big move for you- xo Diana

    1. Dearest NanaDiana... I love seeing you in my house. I love your gentle-nurturing nature (and I know that's how you are).