Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The here and now...

 Autumn has come to me in a different way this year...

Leaves change their colors as usual, and you expect them to die as usual,
but some how the trees and their branches are never bare against the wind and the cold. 
Light is their guardian angel...
And it looks that everything will bursts with its last beauty...
But somehow, beauty always remains...
That's just how it is around here... 
This is looking in from the outside...
How very lovely... 
 When I now sit in my front porch, this is what I get to see...
I love what I see, and feel...
I love each tree, each leave, each moment spent in contemplation of them...
in reverence to Nature and its Creator. 
The Gypsy Caravan tucked safely among the trees...

I remember many years ago being called "a leave in the wind" by someone I truly love.
I was deeply hurt, because I knew the implication of what he meant by that. 
But ever since I had often wondered if perhaps, he was right about that
After all... I am a gypsy at heart.
I love all the old statues forgotten by time and by whoever left them behind one day;
forgotten as they were...
so that now I can have them...
I love the wooded area left by God behind our "for now" home
so that one day I could call it "mine" for a while 
and reclaim it, for a while, as
my own enchanted forest
even if it isn't so... 
I love that the house gets covered in fallen leaves...
It is like a summer shower, really. 
Only it's leaves  

There's a "hole" of possibilities on the tip of the trees over there... 
Do you see it?

In the canopy of the trees there's my own Rabbit Hole to the Alice in me... 
only instead of some subterraneous rabbit hole,
it is way up there, passed the highest trees, up among the clouds...
I love this little spot here with all the trees..
this morning, I saw a black and white cat walking by this very spot...
looking at me with those cat's eyes...
I run outside to greet him, but he was gone by the time I got there.
I'm hoping I'd get to see him again soon.
Looking out from inside... the prettiest room in the house
A little sunroom out looking the wooded area on the back

My sweet little doves here, on the fountain, went through a kind of a miracle—I suppose.  You see, they were not meant to be here.  I remember placing them among all the 'discarded' things; in one of the many 'give away' boxes back at the house in the roses; where I thought I'd left them... I never noticed it then, but my love—the funny man called Peter pan, had secretly saved them for me, and had hided them in our truck, where they travel safely with us all the way here without me knowing it...  I was only made aware of this this morning... and how very nice and sweet of him to do this for me.  And how wonderful and such joyful thing this was... to be reunited again with my little 'lost' friends... the ones I thought I'd never see again!  Thank YOU love!

I spent hours sitting in this chair this afternoon;
wrapped in a cozy blanket that matched the color of the chair.
How wonderful to be able to sit outside in November, and still have some roses to look at...
Looking at the world passed by had never felt better, or lovelier...

What should I name this house—so unlike the house in the roses, yet.... such beauty protected in the sweet dimness and gentleness of ancient trees; resting, as it is, under their gracious quietness and mellowness...

 "THE HERE AND NOW", that's the name that kept coming up my thoughts this morning as I jogged along the lovely big houses with lovely backyards... jogging under a fascinating shower of autumnal leaves; a melody of deep yellows and profound reds all swirling around and about me, gently showering my body with fascinating joyfulness, and love and hope.

I love this place. And if someone would had told me on this same day last year that this is where we were going to be today I would have laughed right on his face... how strange and unpredictable life is... I feel blessed.

Things will never be the same any more. But all things will be new; a new beginning, a new road ahead of us, just as I imagine it to be in my mind of dreams, a flagstone path that leads through a garden planted with anticipation, faith, hopefulness, aspirations and dreams...

 "THE HERE AND NOW"... what a perfect name for my new home and the life given to me here. It is so rich in meanings... uncertainties, doubts, fears, but also beaming with possibilities and hope, and anticipation and dreams.

Thank YOU for following me here... my friends from THE HOUSE IN THE ROSES--soul sisters and confidantes who helped turn my backyards into magical forests.



  1. Oh your new home is lovely and I know you will have a beautiful garden soon. I am so happy that you love your new home.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you dear Mary... I'm so excited... this afternoon I went outside, to where all the old roses were once planted by caring hands... now almost extinct; so desperately needing some TLC, and I said to myself "oh if I could only bring these roses back to life again, what an honor to those hands of yesterdays who once had planted them... and I will, I will bring them back to beauty!.... but it's going to take a lot of work...

  2. Such a lovely home and garden you have. I am so excited to watch and see what you do with the new digs. Please keep us posted Sweet Gypsy.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  3. Your knew home looks lovely. And looks like around here where we live (I live just below Chattanooga TN). It is dangerous when I am trying to drive though because I want to look at all the beautiful trees and colors. The other day it was so gorgeous out and I had to go buy a new vacuum cleaner. But I took a detour to Chickamauga Battlefield to walk around and take pictures. I love fall. You are going to love spring too. Spring is early and full of color with redbuds, dogwoods, cherry trees, etc. Hope you have fun making this house your home and that garden your own. I'm so glad you have your doves.

  4. Replies
    1. OH... so that's what they're called: Redbuds, dogwoods, cherry trees.... how lovely the names; how lovely the trees! I was wondering about their names. Will have to buy some books on gardening in the South... love this place....



    2. Redbuds are purple. :) I don't know how they were name red. The Bradford pears are always so pretty, too. The worst thing about the south is the horrible humidity. Have fun learning about your new home.

  5. Cielo,
    I wish the best for you! I moved from Tennessee (Tullahoma--and Johnson City--where I grew up, and then moved to years ago) to Alaska! I love the winter here, but miss so much the lovely fall and spring seasons. You will love gardening there--you can get three growing seasons. Plant cold weather things in late Feb., then regular plantings all spring, then another late "cold weather" in August to harvest in Oct-Nov. I used to cut my herbs back and dry them at least three times every year. Roses and perennials as well as annuals, shrubs and vines all do well, too. The spring thunderstorms and March winds are lovely as well--I always felt that they "blew my soul clean". I am still trying to learn how to grow things this far north. We moved as well this past spring into a lovely new home we named "Thistledown", and I am planning interior decorating and an acre yard of plantings. What fun! I enjoy reading your blog, you inspire me to be authentic and free-spirited, which I naturally am, but get bogged down at times with work and daily life. Thank you so much. May God bless you and your Peter Pan in your new life there. Be sure to drive to the Appalachian Mountains each season if you can--they too are extremely beautiful-and I miss them very much as well. Lesa

    1. Lesa... this is why I love blogging. To hear your stories, to learn from you! Thank YOU for this precious comment...



  6. Oh, you bet I have been following you along the beautiful. Winding highway... And now to the here and Now. It is such a pretty new home and do lucky to be found by you. I love the story of the doves. How special and thoughtful and romantic... I laughed when you said you are a leaf on the wind. I once had my fortune told by a wise old woman... She gasped and said I would cling to beautiful objects and places so tightly because I am two-thirds air. Restless for sure but in love with the spirit of place. I'm loving my trip to the here and now... Thank you for so.many good thoughts and taking us with you. If only I had embraced all my moves and challenges with a heart such as yours...

    1. Gayla... my soul sister! We are so much alike... it amazes me!



  7. You are sounding so happy. I love that. I so love that.

    It's been a bit-of-a-bumpy-journey, for a while now.

    But now.... In "The Here And Now", the journey has come to a warm, cozy, peaceful stop. So happy you sound. So happy, I am for you.

    Thank you so much for continuing to share your home and surroundings with us. It feels delightful, when blogging friends do that.... Share what-they-see and what they are surrounded with, inside and outside. And what they envision.... Like your Alice Rabbit Hole, up in the tall trees and sky.

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Thank you for your sincere wishes Tessa... and thank you for making me happy every time I see you here...



  8. I am excitingly looking forward to share this new journey with you. Will you be at this house long or just until the other one sells. Either way, life is too good to waste even a minute of it. Grab hold and enjoy the ride.

    1. Hi dear Judy... this is a rented home. We've been looking for a home to buy for some time now, but have felt in love with this home... the moving truck that did our moving did finally arrived here, two days ago... it's been such intense two days of work... work... work... but guess what?--everything is been unpacked and in their new place now... my 'rented' home is looking so lovely... I'm so in love. We may end up staying here longer than we had originally planned;) Thank you for inquiring.



  9. A beautiful and inspiring post, Cielo. I see that your faith and trust are the driving force at this point in your life; I wish for you many more happy blessings in your new garden. ~Zuni

    1. Hi Zuni... yes, this is the most wonderful and amazing thing in my life--God's presence with me and in me... living by faith, listening to His voice and waiting on Him... I am so thankful for the difference He has make in my life...

      Blessings to you.


  10. Dear Cielo,

    It is so good to see you happy again. Your new "Eden" surrounded by the forest is enchanting. I hope you are blessed with happiness and comfort in your new home. What kind of birds are in your new realm?

    Sincerely "Eve"

  11. I have finally caught up with reading your posts, your traveling ones and these latest ones, and these pics I have to say are not only enchanting but are miraculous and magical. I think this place is perfect, and reading how you describe it and feel about it I would say this is divinity in action and feel the magic has simply been intensified. There will be sooo much more! I can't wait. I see the flowers on the bathroom walls, and the roses in pots and cannot imagine anything more perfect for you.....the pots outside, the trees and canopy, all of it.....its just too perfect..... :-)

  12. What a beautiful beautiful attitude and mindset you have....to find beauty in all things. Thank you for sharing pieces of your life, what a blessing you are!

  13. your words about the leaf blowing in the wind reminded me of something, but I couldnt remember what..
    Then it came to me.. I wrote this after a Fleetwood Mac concert and it could be about you too...

    Her voice carries you like the wings of time...old memories and new understanding
    Music with the mystery of the moon and the longing of lost love.
    The clock turns back and we are together again..
    She sings and twirls like a leaf in the wind, bringing your heart’s desire for a
    moment or an hour.
    I always enjoy reading your thoughts.... some times its like reading a poem.