Friday, February 7, 2014

A thank YOU note

I guess it is no secret by now that adapting to life in our new place here hasn't been anything easy for me. I'm terribly missing our girls, missing our home, our friends and dear garden we left behind, back at the house in the roses... life is a beautiful struggle, right?  And I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of support and love that I have received from all of you my fellow bloggers and soul sisters during this transition that words falter to say how indebted and humbled I am by you all. I can't thank you enough for what you bring here every day, your stories, your friendship throughout the years, your words of encouragement and a bit of your own life if I may say, to share with mine.

And what would you say about that special bond you share with some of the people you get to meet here in blogland? It amazes me, really... Have you all met Gayla at Oatmeal and Whimsy? (Click on her image to visit!)

I just have to show you the calendar that my dearest friend Gayla made for me... to cheer me up in this new year of my life.... truly a treasure!
A calendar of my shoes and feet and legs--throughout the seasons! 

And the shenanigans in my magical garden in the roses!

 Isn't this amazingly beautiful! 
I just love it!
Thank YOU dear Gayla!
What an honor!


  1. She is a talented sweetie and caught your spirit and skirts and shoes very well, and I know your spirits lift whenever you look at the calendar.

  2. Oh, how truly sweet of you.... you are so welcome. And thanks for the pretty rosy cheeks and lovely flower.... Have a good weekend.

  3. It's simply beautiful. And so personal a gift. Gayla is truly a Dear Person and Dear Friend.

    Gentle hugs,

  4. Gayla is a treasure and I can just imagine what a wonderful teacher you are. Cielo has the gift of inspiring those that come in contact with her and you gave her a little piece of herself back. Truly a gift from the heart...I discovered the House in the Rose long ago and I don't even remember how because I didn't know what blogging was. Reading the comments from all that come to visit Cielo, and visiting their sites, has made me realize that we are all sisters of the heart with so many gifts. I think the best gift we give each other is to know we are all the same, but each has their own special talent.

  5. Oh my gosh! What a charming, thoughtful, and creative idea, Cielo! What a sweet sweet friend Gayla is!! I know that you will treasure this darling gift all year long! :)

    xoxo laurie