Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm bored. Wanna play!

And so the story goes…
You are walking through some strange forest full of odd sounds and noises.
You stop for a short rest, knowing that you want to get home as quickly as possible.
You sit next to a tree.
Hearing a noise you look next to you and…
Continue the story...
What did you see?  Where do you want to go?  Or do?  Where would our story ends?
Please write on! Add a word, a sentence, or a paragraph in the comment box below. After someone goes first, we can each add to what they wrote and to the story comment by comment.

NO RULES HERE.  The catch is that you continue the story where the next person stop.

It's a beautiful Friday...

*pls continue *

 Let's have fun!


  1. I see what at first I think is a golden snake slowing curling down the side of the tree. When I look up I see its the tail of beautiful cat, sitting on the branch above looking down at me with big green eyes. "Oh my, you gave me quite a fright miss Kitty" She blinks twice and replies my name is Alesandre and I come to give you three wishes...
    Love to play.....Sherry

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  3. ...But first, you must share with me where you are going and what are you bringing with you..I paused for a moment and looked down at the sack I had laying beside me...........

  4. ...Oh yes, I've heard the legend of the Golden Genie, but wait a minute I heard that you were a bird?? Yes and so I am replied Alesandre as he transformed right before my very eyes, you see I come in many forms! I stood transfixed by the loveliness before me, It was the most glorious golden bird with sunlight seeming to animate from within. As I stood beholding his glory he began to sing an enchanted song, I felt myself drifting upward, higher and higher with each note, slowly it dawned on me that this was familiar, oh yes I had seen this lovely golden bird before , yes I had been bewitched by his song at another time and place far away, I remembered clearly now, it was the cottage in the roses, that magical place where such occurrences were common. when his song had ended I asked him, why when so many had sought so diligently to find him, had I been gifted with his presence more than once? My dear he replied, to find me you must have the magic in your heart!! Others have searched, but they had let the magic in their hearts die, therefore they were blinded to my presence. Oh I see now I replied , but why have you come to give me three wishes now? because you needed me he replied....

  5. I took a deep breath. I did need him. I glanced once again at the sack at my feet. It seemed to move closer to me. I had carried it for so long, months it seemed. Each time I tried to reach inside something stopped me.

  6. I grew quite silent at that, how could this bird or cat or whatever it was know that this was the one moment in time when I needed magic the most. How could this singing enchantress, this granger of wishes, possibly know that I had only a few hours to change my life for good... Or perish as the hated woman.

  7. Piękny blog!!! Jestem pod wrażeniem.

  8. The golden bird sat silently, watching me. As I gazed about at the beauty surrounding me, my inner vision was sharpened. If not now, then when would I find the courage to look for the magic that could change my life? My choice, though frightening, was clear. I reached for the sack sitting at my feet. Hands shaking, I untied the cord that held it fast. I gently turned the sack on its side and out tumbled the contents; a beautiful jeweled ring, a gypsy scarf and an open pink rose - not dried as I had expected, but fresh and fragile with a gentle fragrance. A sparkling diamond shone in the middle of the open flower. The last item was a roll of parchment paper tied neatly with a ribbon. "What's this?" I wondered.

  9. Oh Alesandre… is that you?—our very golden magical bird in disguise… and who is able to say a thing? And who to give effect to his words, if it has not been ordered by the Great One? But thou oh Golden Bird hath liveth under His wings… and thou hath cometh from that far afield garden carrying three long white strings in feathers that glitter like gold… three wishes fluttering over our heads. Each of us feeling drawn to clasp one of the long white strings… shall we hold onto this hope? And what, shall be asked for and what shall we believe in or live by if we decide to hold onto it?—three wishes! What would they be? The sparkling diamond shinning in the center of the pink rose beckons us to look deeper… our soul is like a rough diamond. It must be polished within or the luster would never appear… is that what it means? Is that what the diamond in the rose wants us to remember? But wait… did you notice the roll of parchment paper neatly tied with the golden ribbon? Ah there’s more than the eye can see in this allegory… but what?


  10. I finally decided that the time had come, I must be brave, Yes I would reveal the secrets of my heart! I tentatively approached Alesandre, I slowly stretched my hand out and touched one of the long white strings, his attention was immediately arrested, he swooped down and sat on my shoulder and leaned his ear towards me oh Alesandre I whispered what I want more than anything is to be loved!! Alesandre seemed to be filled with joy at my request, he started to sing a most beautiful song, Yes my child said he, you have wished well and your wish is granted, then he swooped down and picked up the parchment, as he glided upward to the nearest branch it slowly unfurled. As I stood looking up with great anticipation, Alesandre looked upon the parchment and read these words to me....And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love and he who abides in love, abides in God, and God in him..1 John 4:16 Oh my He had truly been with the Great One!! The Parchment contained the words of the Almighty and the words had life!! Immediately my spirit was filled with great joy and I knew that it was true, I was loved and now I could never be the most hated woman! my soul was bursting with happiness and in pure jubilation I brought the rose close to my face to smell its lovely fragrance but my eye was immediately caught by the diamond in the center, It was glowing with a brilliance that I had never seen before. As I stood pondering what it could mean, Alesandre leaned down from the branch and sung into my ear the name of the rose... the Rose of Sharon, Oh yes my heart thrilled, I loved this rose and I knew this rose intimately!! What more could I possibly wish for I wondered?...........
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