Thursday, February 13, 2014

In my magical little white world

It snowed two worlds and the moon all day yesterday… at night, an almost surreal world grew up out of the earth in a magical swept of icicles. Trees, shrubs, rooftops, houses, street lights and even the night itself smiled down at us with sleepy eyes, and I swear I saw my little world around me cozying up, as everything and every object in Nature pulled up their blankets all the way up to their faces and turned to sleep.

The frosty night with its twinkling stars gave way to a most magical morning…

Truly magical indeed! A real winter wonderland right here in the South….  

When I looked outside the window I could hardly believe what I saw out there.  Snow had covered and sculptured my entire little world in ices!  I was static with joy. Fairies were playing everywhere out in the woods. Imps and strange figures resembling small dwarves and odd elderly little men were seen here and there behind bushes and trees.
Bizarre fantastic animals were seen sprouting up from the floors of the woods...

For a moment, I’m sure I even saw a witch flying her broom nearby the woods…
As you can imagine, I had to go out and joint the festivity! 
So out I went! 

It was such a delightful winter wonderland out there! I walked and jumped and danced and laughed and swirled around and adorned my hair with twinkling crystals made of snowflakes almost until exhaustion.    

All of a sudden something really strange, and unusual, happened… You all know how I’m good at attracting some very special visitors to my enchanted gardens right? I mean all kinds of birds and kitties. Yes, I had many a cat visited my gardens back at the house in the roses… even some very strange ones, like that Chupacabras-cat I didn’t like at all. Remember him here?
But this time, oh my dears this time was a whole different story… for the first time in my entire enchanted life and shenanigans in the garden I was visited by a furry friend of the doggy-kind.  Can you see him... oh can you see him back there where the swing is close to the woods? 
That's exactly where he came from!

Almost a ghostly figure in the midst of that white panorama...

Where did he come from?  Really!
He must have come with the witch!  But do witches like dogs?  I had always have the idea that witches attract cats... but dogs?  You tell me! ;) 
After a while, everything started melting very quickly.  Huge clumps of snow started falling down the trees… the sound of thin branches breaking, snow showering my clothes and hair.  My right eye started to roll in a funny way... which means panic was setting in ;)
And I had to run inside before a branch heavy with snow would fall on my head… 
Run run...
 Snow getting inside my boots, 
hair flying everywhere...
By now, almost every bit of snow is gone.   
Was everything real?   
Was it a dream?  
Oh every bit of the story, in a way or other, was real and absolutely true and magical!
Hope you find magic wherever you go!



  1. Hahah! What I fun morning I had… oh I know, how ridiculous can one be? Can’t help it thought… guess the child within caught up with me… ;)

    Thanks for stopping by, my lovely friend!


  2. what beautiful pictures...Cielo you are such a fun person, Sometimes at work I check in on you and you never cease to brighten by day.

  3. Everything looks so beautiful and I love how you danced in the snow. Very pretty black lab - maybe he will be your new friend.
    Have a magical weekend.

  4. I like those first two photos and all the ones of you twirling in the snow.

  5. I just adore visiting you, Cielo! You spin a story in such a magical way - and call to the child in my own heart! You are such a special soul, my friend!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  6. beautiful pictures.

    I was outside at 8 am taking pictures of everything. It was such a winter wonderland. But then the sun came out and started melting every bit of snow off the trees.

  7. Here in the North, we are so winter weary! Yet, you make it sound so beautiful and fun! Your story telling takes me away from the doldrum of a long winter, to magic and adventure! Love it!

  8. I am so delighted you got that marvelous snow - I love how it clings to everything - beautiful dog! I love Black Labs - our best dog was a Lab! Charming post - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,